DIY card tutorial + printables for download!


I have made this card specially for my Avecre’s customer at Japan. See how it looks like when it is opened!


This was actually a card on behalf of our customer who wanted to surprise her friend with a dress bought from Avecre. Since the present was a turquoise polka dot dress, the card was themed around turquoise and polka dot. Hope her friend enjoy the dress and the card. PS: If you interested in the dress, it is still available with blue and orange. For international shipping, click HERE. For Singapore shipping, click HERE and HERE.

I have also made a few version of the cards printable in A4 card stock. Just cut, paste and fold. You will get a cute greeting card just like mine. For example, for the first card “Enjoy!”, cut out the 2 shapes “ENJ” and “OY!”. Join “ENJ” and “OY!” together by pasting on the “Paste” shaded part. Fold “E” towards “N” and continues for the other letters to fold an accordion card. Fold down the flap at “!” to get an envelope + card.


happy-card-alittletypicalRight click and select “Save link as…” to download the printable pdf. Print it without scaling.

Hope you all enjoy my little DIY card tutorial.

Pin this to your Pinboard for DIY card inspiration.
Pin this to your Pinboard for DIY card inspiration.

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