Tweak WordPress setting to make your photos pop!


Spot the difference.

Ok, kind of obvious. I noticed quite a few WordPress bloggers like to squeeze their beautiful images to small thumbnail like the left image. As a reader I would appreciate to read a blog displaying wide and clear photos like the right image. I am very particular with the blog layout and if it looks too awkward I will just skip without. Personally it looks neater with the justified layout – image width is equal to the writing width.

For those who has been wondering how to solve this issue, first check what image size you usually use to insert into your posts. Thumbnail, medium and large. Next check your WordPress theme main body width via your theme website. You can find the link at your website footer. Look out for “The main column width” under “Quick Specs” at the bottom. For example if the width is 500px, your default medium sized image of 300px would look small in comparison.


So once you know the figures, go to your Setting>Media at your dashboard. To change all your photo sizes in your past blog posts, changed ‘Max Width’ and ‘Max Height’ of ‘Medium size’ to 800 or larger.


After changing the setting, the images should be big enough to fit to the body width as shown below.


I realised my blog images no longer fit nicely when I changed my blog theme. Previously, I used to insert my image as medium size which was ok for my previous theme. However newer theme came with a wider body and that was how I discovered the image size problem.

Hope this tip is useful to you all!

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