My body says I am 28 when I am only 24


This is my body information.

Notice that it states my body age is 4 years older than my actual age. I have a high body fats and low water retention.

The results revealed a harsh truth. I am unhealthy compared to people of my age. Something that I always denied.

I am aware it is all because of my lifestyle. As a blogger and a online boutique store owner, I tend to sit long hours at desk and snack unhealthy food like ice-cream and potato chips between meals. As mentioned in my ‘about’ page number 9, I hate sweating. Therefore you can immediately guess that I don’t like to exercise. All this results in a pool of fats settled at my tummy. I look slim from outside – average arms and legs. However, hide underneath my garments, I actually have an obvious tummy and thick waist. That is why I don’t wear crop tops and body hugging dress.

Now seeing the results, I am pulled back to reality. I need to do something to my lifestyle. Restrict snacking between meals. Exercise 30 minutes every day.

Writing this post is to motivate myself to keep to this resolution. Now I am going to do some aerobic exercise I bookmarked on Youtube.

PS: Body information was taken at BodyReveso Level 3, The Cathay. It provides programs that incorporate a range of herbal medicines and detoxifying wavelength treatments to help their customers in achieving a healthy body. I was offered a free checkup and one session of 30 minute wavelength treatment. However, as a non-believer of slimming program, I did not take up any treatment. Do drop a message if anyone have tried their program. I would love to hear your review.

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4 replies to “My body says I am 28 when I am only 24

  1. Wow, this is a really great check-up. I get physicals all the time, but they never tell me my water retention or fat percentage! Four years older is not bad at all, but I love that you have found motivation to be active and take care of your body! That’s always a plus :)


    1. So true! It is so difficult to curb my craving for ice-cream when it is hot outside. By the way, wonder how you check yours. Mine is just an electronic weighing machine that measures all.


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