My In between Sushi & Kimbap


The reason for naming this post “My In between Sushi & Kimbap” is that it is only seaweed rice roll which is not authentic recipe of Japan and Korea version. A rojak (aka mix) of both places.


  • Cooked rice (Any rice will do. With or without seasonings like vinegar, sugar or salt. Your own preference.)
  • Laver (Also known as 紫菜 in China, nori in Japan, and gim in Korea.)
  • Canned tuna (Can be substitute with other canned meat. Mine is Spicy Mayo Tuna. My another favourite is Wasabi Salmon.)
  • Sushi mat


1) Place the shiny side of laver on the sushi mat. Place the shorter side of laver facing you. I did it wrongly. I found out later that the longer side is used for the length of the sushi roll. But nevermind, since it is for my consumption.


2) Spread the rice thinly on the laver. If you have put too much, it will result in a fat rice roll which may be too filling for one.


3) Add canned tuna at lower section of laver. Try not to put too much at the side. It will spill out when the sushi is rolled.


4) Roll all the ingredients together using equal force all section. 5roll-it-up-alittletypical

5) Lastly, a seaweed rice roll is done. Lazy girl like me just eat it without cutting.6sushi-roll-done-alittletypical

This is my 1/4 eaten rice roll!


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