New blogskin for October


A new theme for a new month.

From my previous post, you will know how excited I am for this October blogskin.

Let go through my blogskin design summary.

Technical part:

The WordPress theme I picked is Pilcrow. I love its versatility. Many colour schemes and layouts to choose from.

pilcrow theme option

Anyway, another feature I like from Pilcrow is that it provides 2-column footer. I can put more widgets at the bottom without making my sidebar messy.


Design part:

In my Random design 2: Lines post, I have made a seamless pattern with lines and triangles. I made some changes. I turned the lines to dots and added a gradient onto the pattern. Palette is from Colourlovers by Beklad. I like the freshness of the lime green colour. It makes my mood brighten when I open my site.

As the theme’s main body is just a white block, I use ruul. Screen ruler to measure the width. Added a triangles trims to create a bordered main body. To reduce the loading time, I make the background a seamless tile of length 500px. See below for how to achieve the same effect by changing the background option.

Change background option

Now I move on to my header. For my previous blogskins, I have never customised a header and only using the text header and tagline. So this time I’m doing something special. An animated header. As Pilcrow allows a different header on each page, I have made three versions. Two animated with 5 loops and 1 static one. You can try refresh my blog to see different headers displayed. The font I used is DotNess from Vanessa Bays. You can download it at Dafont for personal use.

a-triangles-lines-alittletypical-header.png animated-alittletypical.gif animated-alittletypical2.gif


Finally, I added a profile image on my sidebar. As I am very noob in html, I use WordPress Visual editor to insert the image and link. Then switch to text mode, to copy and paste the html into the text widget. It is that easy.

alittletypical profile

And here is the end of my design summary. Hope you are inspire to create a personalised blog design with limited resources.

I am creating a weekly post about beautiful blogs using free WordPress theme. Do leave a comment if your blog has a great design. It can be your own designed header/banner/buttons; attractive backgrounds; pretty social media icons.

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