10 things that made me happy this week (September)


Another happening week. Feel very thankful for new experience and new things learnt!

  1. Met up my long lost friends and had a great chat.
  2. Learnt a new strategy board game, Puerto Rico.
  3. Addicted to Puerto Rico inspired Android game, Condado.
  4. Made a surprise visit to my sister’s workplace.
  5. Learnt to fold origami heart.
  6. A borrowed item finally returned back to me.
  7. Increase traffic after submitting my artwork to Craftsgawker.
  8. Diyed with my sewing machine.
  9. My family and I had received a free lunch.
  10. My 10th batch of Kimchi is a success. Yum!

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5 replies to “10 things that made me happy this week (September)

      1. No problem! Just some advice for you. Several of my submissions were rejected because of the photos clarity, lighting and composition. So do see how others post their work and take example from them. Hope this helps!


      2. Oh wow! I didn’t even think of that. Sorry to hear that some of your submissions had to be resubmitted though…that must have been a little shocking and upsetting. I really appreciate you taking the time to pass this information along to me. :-)


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