Pokemon, my best childhood memory! + Free desktop wallpaper


Not sure when I was so into the Pokemon trend. I would catch Pokemon anime series every Saturday at 10.30 am when I was 7. Must see the never-say-die antagonist, Team Rocket flies off the sky, before I went out to play.

The never-say-die antagonist, Team Rocket.

Played Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow total more than ten times. Each play was completed with winning Elite Four to finish off the games. Pokemon_gb_ashandpikachu Knew all names of 151 Pokemon.  Used my saved pocket money to buy a Pikachu backpack from neighbourhood bookstore. On my birthday, my best friend gave me a Flareon figurine for birthday present. Eaten hundred packs of Mamee Monster noodle snacks to complete the Pokemon mini-cards collection.

Taken from gordon via Flickr.

Then the passion faded. Stopped watching Pokemon series. Threw away all the Pokemon mini-cards during one spring cleaning. Every year, searched and played the latest versions of Pokemon games (Pokemon Gold, Ruby, Fire Red, Crystal, Platinum, Black & White and Black & White 2). Here is my small tribute to Pokemon. My hand drawn imaginary Pokemon trainers. Edited in Photoshop.

alittletypical’s Pokemon Dream tile pattern.
alittletypical’s Pokemon Dream wallpaper 1600×1200.

Free to download the pattern and wallpaper.

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Unless otherwise stated, all Pokemon images are taken from Wikipedia. 

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4 replies to “Pokemon, my best childhood memory! + Free desktop wallpaper

  1. I love this blog post, I think we all have things in our childhood that we were absolutely obsessed with and loved to collect. I was too old to ever get in to the Pokemon craze but of course I heard all about it. I thought Pikachu was the cutest thing!

    As for me, I was a huge Barbie fan growing up. I had a number of different Barbie dolls but the first one I ever got was my favorite. My parents bought me a huge house for her to live in with a 4-post canopy bed, gym set, pink car, and even a motorized scooter. My mother would make me clothes for her to wear, including kimonos! I’m not sure where all that stuff is anymore —- I think my mom sold it all in one of her garage sales!


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