Entry #15 Guess where am I (Hint: Arts-related)

#15 – Smell the air of Arts.

I never know there is such a place in Singapore. Full of artistic showcase with nostalgic feel. Bring back memory of my primary school.

Here is some history of this place

1962 – 1995 Tun Seri Lanang Secondary School

1992 – 2007 LASALLE College of the Arts

2007 – 2009 School of the Arts (Sota)

Have you guessed correctly?

The answer is Goodman Arts Centre.

Goodman Arts Centre now houses the National Arts Council alongside a diverse range of tenants from the visual, literary and performing arts. Set within a beautiful and charming ground amongst old school buildings and lush greenery, Goodman Arts Centre provides the perfect setting for inspiration and creative work, not to mention a cool hangout for arts aficionados looking to indulge themselves aesthetically and have a nice meal at the same time. From goodmanartscentre.sg

In this weekends (7th and 8th September), you are invited to their 3rd Open House from 10am though 6pm. An event for all families, kids and friends! Go to their official site for more information.

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