Second blogskin design summary

So now I’m going to summarise about my second blogskin design for August month before I changed to a new one for September.

August theme was Publish.


Reasons for choosing Publish:

  • I like the ability to change wallpaper yet it wouldn’t affect the main body.
  • I like themes that have navigation sidebar.
  • Most importantly, I like the minimalist design.

Instead of the plain white background, I customised with my own design. If you are interested to download the wallpaper, I have shared it here. Publish theme allows a square header at the top right, therefore I did a matching header with the same wallpaper at a lighter opacity.

I have also added several new features at my sidebar. One is the social media menu. Using the Text widget, I have added social media icons I downloaded from Fashion Beauty Etc, which contains 10 common social media icons in 7 colours.

In addition, Top Posts & Pages widget is added. I like the image grid display effect which lists my top 10 most Liked posts.


And that’s all. Admire my blogskin for one last time, before I change into a new theme today at Singapore time 9pm (GMT + 8:00) today.

PS: I have changed my blogskin. Check it up!

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