26 reasons for love-hate relationship with elevators

Image courtesy of Luca Sartoni via Flickr.

Nobody should hate lift/elevator. Save you time and energy to climb up and down the stairs. (^_~)

However, sometime it is a bit of a nuisance and awkward when you encounter scenarios listed below.

1. Just when you about to press the lift button, the lift goes up.


2. While you are chatting with your friends, you realise the lift still have not arrived because you and your friends thought each other has pressed the button.


3. The lifts are always opened when you walk past. When you need it urgently, all the lifts are either under maintenance or currently at top level.


4. While you are pressing the “Close” button, your neighbour/ colleague/ client/ stranger enters and frown at you. Probably assumes you purposely shut the door.


5. Enter a lift smelled of cigarette, durian, urine or vomit.

(* ̄m ̄)

6. Rush into the lift and accidentally step into a puddle of unknown liquid on the floor. It sticks, stinks or decorates your new shoes.


7. A translucent whitish slime on the “Level 1” button. You are not armed with your key/tissue/ad flyer to prevent direct encounter.


8. Just when the door is about to close, a group of people walks into the lift, and presses every button. Forgot to mention, you live at the highest storey.


9. While checking your makeup and styling your hair in the lift mirror, the door opens with your neighbour/colleague/boss/love interest/admirer/junior walks in and smirks at you.


10. Struck in the lift with your neighbour who loves to intrude into your privacy. “Where do you work?” “What is your position?” “Is the salary good?” “Got girlfriend/boyfriend?”… and etc.

(-___-) |||

11. The overload alarm rang when you step into the elevator. No you are not FAT.


12. You are squashed to the back of the lift by a bunch of people smelling of body odour/ sweat/ strong perfume. You can feel someone’s hair, bag of hot food, wet umbrella or plastic carrier with sharp points. They tickle your face, burn your leg, damp your pants and poke you through.


13. Cannot enter the office lift for the third time as it is the peak ending time of your company.

(; ̄Д ̄)

14. Everyone tries to squeeze into the lift as if that is the last lift. Oh, by the way, you are already squashed inside the lift and about to vomit out your last night dinner.


15. Past midnight, just when you step into the lift, a dishevelled and tall stranger run in right before the door closes.

(҂⌣̀_⌣́)      ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

16. Together in a lift with a mother carrying a crying baby and a man whistling Für Elise.

♪♪(o*゜∇゜)o~♪♪       (♯××)

17. Waiting for a never coming down/up lift which is seem to struck at a particular storey.


18. The lift is on maintenance when you want to go up. After climbing to the top, you realise the lift is already operating.


19. Sharing space with several bicycles, scooters, baby strollers, cartons and a fierce-looking bull dog.


20. A group of families are chatting lively or a couple is kissing passionately while you stone at the corner.

┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

21. Accidentally get off at the wrong level. Wonder should you just continue walking out and take the next lift or pretend nothing happen and return back into the lift.


22. Wonder why the is lift not moving. Reason being you forgot to press the button.


23. You are shoved out of the way when people behind you shouted “Excuse me” to enter the lift.

 {{|└(>o< )┘|}}

24. You are using the glass lift to go to level 66.


25. You hear a ticking sound from a box at the corner of the elevator.


26. The lift suddenly jerks/ stops/ screeches/ blacks out. Or all happens together.


Which one do you hate the most?


PS: More emoticons can be found here. 。◕‿◕。

PPS: Prefer cute emoticons than meme. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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8 replies to “26 reasons for love-hate relationship with elevators

  1. not really a love-hate relationship… it happened to my cousin.

    he passed out in the lift after pressing the level he was going to, and woke up at the correct level after some time.

    it was at HDB flat, not peak hour.


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