Review of Erabrow Design

Still remember my previous post on Erabelle. I have finally tried out their Erabrow Design using the voucher I won from Prizle.

Erabrow Design (20min) – No ordinary eyebrow trimming. Shape and colour of eyebrow customised to your face shape.

I went to the VIvocity branch which is at level 2. Just right above the escalators from MRT. The branch is Erabelle Prestige. Not sure how is it different from the usual Erabelle branch.

After registered, I was taken to the rest area to wait for my turn. While waiting, I browsed through their customers’ testimonial book. Can see quite a drastic before and after effect. However, the photos looked a bit outdated. The eyebrow style was kinda narrow and looked auntie-ish. I was quite worried actually at first. However, the final effect came out good. I was happy to be served by their consultant, Cheryl who is very meticulous and friendly.

Cheryl asked me what was my preference and I just told her I wanted a simple natural look. My eyebrow was very little and with a lot of stray hairs. Really took her some time to pluck out the stray hair. A bit painful for first-timer but still can be tolerated. Then after getting the right shape, she started filling in the empty spaces with Erabelle Eyebrow Pencil. The colour was just right. The result was amazing. It was the first time I felt my eyebrow was so neat and tidy. In the meanwhile, she also taught me how to maintain the eyebrow shape. No hard-selling which I liked.

Below are a few shots I taken. Too bad they did not allow me to take the interior photos so I only managed to take one secretly.

Overall, I like the service and quite satisfied with the result. However, the service costs $29, which is slightly pricier than other similar beauty stores. I might consider to take their permanent eyebrow embroidery in the future if there is any promotion package.

If you are interested to get a professional Eyebrow Design, you can visit their website for more information.


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