Objects came into life!

Ever heard of the story that toys came into life at night. Oh yeah, there’s the Toy Story. Not only in animation, objects come into life under the hand of these 3 creative artist. They tell a story of irony, romance and innocence.


1) Terry Border, the talented artist is a “humorist, photographer and earthling”, as stated in his site. I like his Bent Objects series. A bit sarcastic and ironic. He plays with the objects’ characteristics to create simple yet meaningful photographs. He has created another blog focusing on the Bent Objects.

Small mini-wheats go swimming. (Image courtesy of Terry Borders)
Small mini-wheats go swimming. (Image courtesy of Terry Borders)

On the road. (Image courtesy of Terry Borders)
On the road. (Image courtesy of Terry Borders)
Missing Oreo. (Image courtesy of Terry Borders)
Missing Oreo. (Image courtesy of Terry Borders)


2) Learnt about Jun.C via eMORFES. Like how he can personify brooches to create a romantic story.

His artistic collection, Brooch
Jun.C’s artistic collection, Brooch. (Image courtesy of Jun.C)

Actually I am more fascinated with his web layout. It is beautiful. I like the transparent navigation bars and the special gallery effect. The starry sky of the wallpaper is really stunning!

His self-portrait
Jun.C’s self-portrait. (Image courtesy of Jun.C)
Jun.C's web layout.
Jun.C’s web layout. (Image courtesy of Jun.C)

However, it is no longer updated, since his “news” and “blogs” are still struck at 2012. Anyway, you all can take some inspirations from his gallery.


3) Introducing another artist – Inhae Lee


From My Milk Toof,

ickle, a smart and curious toof who loves to read books. Other interests include cutting coupons, nibbling on furniture, and David Bowie.

Lardee, he loveable, slightly pudgy toof who can be found following ickle around the house. If in need of a toy, Lardee has a magical red bag with an endless supply.

Love how cute ickle and Lardee are! Inhae’s comic style storytelling is full of child-like innocence.

I hate shower! (Image courtesy of Inhae Lee |
I hate shower! (Image courtesy of Inhae Lee )
"Lardee, STOP!!"  (Image courtesy of Inhae Lee |
“Lardee, STOP!!” (Image courtesy of Inhae Lee)
"Lardee, STOP!!"  (Image courtesy of Inhae Lee)
My Milk Toof : The Adventure of ickle and Lardee. (Image courtesy of Inhae Lee)

If you like Inhae’s little milk toof, you can own them here.


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