Second conversation between my parents

Mum: My stomach pains.

Dad: I told you to see doctor to check but you just don’t listen. I give you money, you go see doctor. Don’t worry about cost.

Mum: Last time, I have done the checkup and the doctor said no problem.

Dad: That was so long ago. Do a checkup to make me put my heart down.

Mum: The checkup is very troublesome. Why you keep on ask me to go? Is it you want the doctor to slice up my stomach and pull out the intestine to see got any problem?


My mum’s reply is kind of funny. No wonder my father is speechless.

Abdominal pain has been a constant problem for my mum. When she was young, she got serious gastric problem. Now she has frequent diarrhea when she eats oily or dairy food and drink too much water.

A few years ago, my mum did several tests and all came out alright. No cause was found. That is reason she don’t trust the doctor. Moreover, the tests require my mum to fast and drink lots of water which she dislike. She feels very reluctant to go for another round. That’s also why she ended the conversation with such a scary tone.

If anyone is familiar with the above symptoms, do leave a message.


2 replies to “Second conversation between my parents

  1. my husband has frequent diarrhea when he eats oily or dairy food. The reason is he has had his gall bladder removed few years ago. Gall bladder is the organ involved in processing the oily food. Not too sure about drinking too much water though.

    Maybe your mum can check on the gall bladder for any abnormality. After gall bladder removal, my husband still live a normal life, he cuts down oily and dairy food, drinks green tea and exercises more.


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