Reblogged, credited and pinned

After reading up several articles on Pinterest copyright problem, I tried combing through my pins to check if they link back to their original source.

Some leads to

  • Tumblr post with wrong source or totally without any
  • other Pinterest similar sites with no source
  • Pinterest user with no credit and no description of the image origin
  • image hosting site
  • blogger who uploaded to their sites without link to the source
  • Google Feed (no longer in use)
  • the retailer site showing “Page not found”
  • spam sites

Bloggers make great efforts to create their content and images. By sharing what they made, they hope to receive comments and encouragements from the readers. Yet other rebloggers, pinners and tumblrers can take the image and claim as theirs. They post on their blogs or boards and then happily enjoy the increase of “hypes”, “reblogs”, “likes”, “shares”, “notes” and praises by their readers. While they get the popularity and traffic, the original creators are not even mentioned in their posts.

Below is a screenshot of a pin on my board. I like the idea so I just repinned from another pinner without even visiting the source. So I will using this pin to go on the search on its origin. Look through the slideshow and see where it goes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first pinner might be the one in image 5). However, the blog has been deactivated so couldn’t know where he or she has taken. One of the reblogger even stated “pintrest” as the source in image 6). Funny even spelled Pinterest wrongly. With 33214 notes, you can imagine how popular the image is. If this traffic has went to the real owner of the image, the owner would have been delighted.

Since I have started the search, I might as well continue to search for the actual owner. First I googled the keyword “golden hand collar chain”. A lot of similar products appeared but not the one.

Using google “search by image” function, I finally found the real owner. The collar clips are actually from Paisie. It is also sold at other retailer sites like ustrendy and youngrepublic. Imagine if 1% of the users of 33214 notes has bought the item, how much sale the brand can earn.

Feeling apologetic to pin the uncredited image, I have deleted the pin with the incorrect source and repinned from the Paisie online store onto my Pinterest board.

Now, I am starting to have a headache – need to check through my 36 boards, 4683 pins and 1904 likes of my Pinterest board. It will be a tedious and long process.


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