Entry #10 Guess where am I (Hint: Plant)

#10 – Guess where am I (Hint: Plant)

Fyi, Zingiberales is an order of flowering plants (quoted from wikipedia).

Guess why did this place of interest has Zingiberales as the name of the restroom?

It is none other than Singapore Botanic Garden! Have you guess correctly?


6 replies to “Entry #10 Guess where am I (Hint: Plant)

      1. It was just a random guess! Well, maybe not so random, your hint of “plant” did help. I was wavering between botanic garden and a nursery but decided a nursery didn’t sound exciting enough to be a “Guess where I am” answer! The last garden I went to was a Japanese garden down in San Diego (California).

        I’ve never been to Singapore but I really, really, want to go! I am hoping to go back to Japan again next year and maybe we can do a side trip to Singapore. I heard it is so clean and safe there and the food is out of this world! And there’s a Universal Studios, I want to go there!


  1. That would be fun! Is Universal Studios close to you? I have been to all the other Universal Studios (California, Florida, and Osaka) so I definitely want to try and make it to the Singapore one.


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