Chicken Cajun in fast food restaurant

Weird to find chicken & rice platter at a fast food restaurant.

Guess this dish is from which restaurant?

Answer: Long John Silver.

I really found it weird. Why would a fast food restaurant sell something that you should be seeing in Pizza Hut or Aston. I wonder what is happening to their sales and marketing team.

I was the only one ordering something with rice as I only wanted to use the exact value of my $5 cash voucher. Tables around me were all fish and chips.

Taste was ok. Chicken was salty. No side dishes which you need to top up. For the same price or lesser, you can get a fish and chips value set that came with drink.

Compare what I saw in Long John SIlver International website vs Long John Silver Singapore Facebook.


Singapore version is too creative for my liking and really deviates a lot from what I expected from Long John Silver.


What do you think?

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