A bottle of love from grandma

purple-sugarcane-water | alittletypical.wordpress.com
Pink Coca Cola?! No, it is a bottle of love from my grandma.

This post is not about Coke, but is centered around the family love.

During the summer time of Singapore, the everyday weather can be as hot as 34 degrees. Such a hot weather, people tends to get sick easily. Living in Johor, Malaysia, my grandma, aged 92 years old, is constantly worried over her children and grandchildren in Singapore. She made bottles and bottles of purple sugarcane water which is a good cooling drink for all of them. She will then ask my uncle on his way to work to deliver the purple sugarcane water bottled in reused Coca Cola bottles to Singapore.

Although the drink can be easily made, the effort made by my loving grandma certainly touched the hearts of all of us.

We will certainly keep in mind to stay healthy with her bottle of love.


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