A conversation between my parents

Mum: It’s so long I ever cooked the Braised Pork With Turnips. It’s my family traditional dish.

Dad: I have never eaten it before.

Mum: You have a poor memory. I have cooked it when we were still living in the old house. You complaint the turnip is very hard and old. That’s why I have never cooked it again.

Dad: Where got! I can’t remember it.

Mum: I remember it very well. Don’t argue with me.

This was the conversation I overheard from my mum and dad. It’s kind of funny when they were arguing and reminiscing the past. My mum had bore the grudge for so long, until she saw a culinary variety show about a similar dish. My father’s mindless remark had caused the dish to disappear from our dining table. Hope this conversation may spur my mum to try the dish again.


2 replies to “A conversation between my parents

  1. Wow, you’ve been writing a lot. I like this one, especially now that I’m a wife. Being criticized by your spouse is… unbearable.

    Thanks for following my post.


    1. I should also thank you. You are the first to leave a comment. I tried my best to post per day.

      Hope blog is very meaningful. I found it very inspiring for you to pursuit your dream in education.


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